Despite being, well, a cemetery, Hollywood Forever is one of the cooler places to visit in Los Angeles.  I’m all for making a cemetery a much nicer place to be by adding a park-like atmosphere with movie nights, festivals, music, and peacocks.


(I would love a peacock roosting on my tombstone)

When visiting the other day, I saw Adrian’s marker and was moved to pause and reflect on all the amazing fashion he contributed to the world through film.  Adrian was “Adrian” before first-name-only stars became a thing, and he wasn’t even a star…until he became one by dressing them at MGM. I noticed that Janet Gaynor is right next to him…turns out they were married!  How did I not know this?  I love actress-designer couples (see Gene Tierney and Oleg Cassini).  What a great mutual partnership for them both…stars of today should take note!  A gorgeous actress to show off your designs on, or a genius husband who’s job depends on making you look amazing?  Who has the better end of that deal?  I can’t decide.