After watching Double Indemnity, I was inspired to find that amazing Dietrichson house where Barbara Stanwyck’s character, Phyllis, lives.  In the film it’s described as being in Los Feliz.  When I found the address, it was actually less than a mile away from me in Hollywood.

“It was one of those California Spanish houses everybody was nuts about 10 or 15 years ago.”   – Walter Neff


The house, located at 6301 Quebec Drive, looks exactly the way it does in the movie.  It’s a lovely walk through the Hollywood Hills above Franklin Avenue, and I definitely recommend walking…the streets are winding and parking non-existent.  And the view is much nicer on foot!


As it turns out, there really is honeysuckle growing in the neighborhood! 

“How could I have known that murder sometimes smells like honeysuckle?” – Walter Neff