This isn’t about any specific Hollywood starlet, but back in the day, those dames had style.  Style is timeless, and about creating a look, which is why classic Hollywood stars’s styling still looks amazing.  Here are a few of their secrets you can borrow:

The Trend: Romper/Jumpsuit

Rompers, jumpsuits, whatever you call them, they’re back this season.  At first blush, it seems like a ridiculously trendy item that won’t make it past 2015 runways.  And honestly, a majority of them won’t.  Here is where you can buy smart.  I’m convinced a romper is second only to being able to wear pajamas to work in terms of comfort, so my challenge is to translate this trend into something that looks timeless.

Color: Black.  MAYBE you can get away with a dramatic solid, but I believe anything brighter than navy or plum and less neutral will date the look.  Black is your safest bet, as color schemes and prints are more memorable and associated with a specific season.

Fit: Must be immaculate.  If a jumpsuit will stand the test of time, a classic silhouette is a sure-fire way to keep it timeless and chic.  Flared pants or a classically fitted leg.  Long sleeve, blouse-style top.  Sleeveless could work, but I’d play it safe mimicing the look of a matched trouser and top.  And make sure the pants are not too tight, the cleavage not too low, and the pant length is just right.  Any of those amiss will ruin the look before it has a chance to become dated.

Fabric: Should be great quality, nothing too thin or slinky or your romper will look cheap.  And it needs to hold up if you’re investing for the long haul.

If you treat the romper as a blank canvas for your trendy accessories, then I think you’ll look fabulous in it tomorrow and ten years from now!  What do you think?  Let me know if you’d invest in a romper this season in the comments below.