This is a great article on the hurculean efforts local Hollywood residents have made prevent people from hiking to the Hollywood sign.  I think it should be open to everyone, but I’ve seen tourists be amazingly insensitive to the fact that people live in the area.  I sit somewhere in the middle of this debate, but I don’t agree with the closure of the Hollyridge Trail.  Fortunately there is more than one way to get to the trail from the Beachwood neighborhood, and I always love the look of confusion I get from the security guard at the bottom of the trail when I’m exiting the trail at the entrance they’ve tried to close off.

Beachwood Residents: You live under a world famous landmark…so, you do kind of need to deal with it a little better.

Tourists:  Don’t try to DIY a Hollywood Sign excursion.  This website tells you how to get good views without anyone yelling at you.