Mary Miles Minter was one of Hollywood’s bright but brief star burn-outs of the silent film era, but her career wasn’t cut short by the arrival of talkies.  Mary was a part of one of Hollywood’s first real scandals, the still-unsolved murder of director William Desmond Taylor.  Her self-proclaimed “love affair” with Taylor around the time of his death landed herself and her mother right in the middle of the lurid headlines, and her career never recovered.

In “Tinseltown: Murder, Morphine, and Madness at the Dawn of Hollywood,” author William J. Mann diagnoses Mary as a normal adolescent dealing with the typical unrequited crush on an older man and at the same time wanting to rebel against her mom.  I highly recommend this well-researched, super-entertaining read for more details on that…

Mary Miles Minter moved out on her own briefly and rented a small house on Argyle around 1922-23, according to the author’s research.  Living walking distance from that area, I HAD to find this house, if it still existed.

A quick google search and this article provided me with an exact street address, 2183 Argyle.  The home is still there according to Zillow, but I couldn’t find a specific street address and the property is gated off.   Still if you’re curious, here’s what you’ll find at the top of that hill:

IMG_0513 IMG_0516 IMG_0518 IMG_0519

It doesn’t look as “vintage” as I’d like (although the wreath is quite festive), but according to the property records I can find online, this is where Mary mourned her murdered lover.

Happy Stalking!