The Hollywood Sign is a pretty cool thing to see…a definite “must-do” on almost every tourist’s list.  But like the city the sign represents, there is no clear cut path to your goal.   Here are some really great tips on seeing the Hollywood Sign and even getting a great photo without adding unnecessary drama to your vacation:

1. If you want to blaze your own trail, get a hiking map.  You’ll have a great experience without the risk of getting lost.  There are snakes, coyotes, and very steep cliffs on the trails…be smart! There are some great hiking guides here that will get you there safely.  Don’t forget water and SPF!IMG_9935

2. Sunset Ranch Hollywood offers a variety of tours, where you can see the sign up close and personal on horseback…and the best part is that you don’t have to be an experienced rider.  The guides are excellent and the horses are well-trained, making this a unique and fun way to visit the sign.


3.  There are some great viewing platforms available if hiking or horseback isn’t your style.  You can take a shuttle up through Griffith Park for a great view and photo-op.  The Hollywood and Highland Center also has a great viewing platform just steps away from other great attractions you’ll want to see, like the Walk of Fame and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Whatever adventure you choose, be respectful of others around you.  People live the in neighborhoods close to the sign, so keep in mind how you would feel if you were in your own neighborhood and behave accordingly.  Don’t stand in the street to get a photo, block a driveway, talk loudly, litter, or run through residential streets (or yards) looking for a shortcut to the sign.

And don’t ignore this:


The sign has security worthy of it’s celebrity!  Cameras, motion sensors, helicopter patrol, etc….and I’m not kidding.

You’ll see the sign a lot during your stay…the letters are 45 feet tall and it’s visible all over the city!  So have fun and and Tweet me your pics! @VinspiredApril