I somehow stumbled across some posts on this place, and can’t believe I didn’t know about it before.  I’ve been exploring around this abandoned mansion with a story as far-fetched as a Halloween movie plot for a few years, but never found it on my own.  Last week, armed with the address, I set out for an early morning visit.  (The night visit option seemed a bit too…EVERYTHING).

Los Feliz Murder Mansion
Los Feliz Murder Mansion

The facts of the story are pretty consistent in everything I read…a seemingly harmless husband and father of three goes crazy one December evening in 1959 and kills his wife with a ball peen hammer and then goes after his oldest daughter.  She manages to escape, and when the two youngest children awaken, frightened by all the commotion, father tells them they are having a nightmare and to go back to bed.  Then he drank a lethal dose of poison or acid, depending on which version of the story you read, and died…there are some very detailed accounts of the story you can read, I’ll link to them at the end of this post.

Los Feliz Murder Mansion Entrance

The children were apparently sent to live with relatives, and the house was purchased at auction by Julian and Emily Enriquez (imagine attending THAT real estate auction).  The couple willed it to their son and current owner, Rudy.  None of the Enriquez family have ever moved in or made any changes to the house, which to me, is the creepiest part of this story.


Many of the ground level doors and windows have been boarded up now, but the front windows to the living room are still completely exposed (as are you, standing at the top of the hill in the front yard, if you try to sneak a peek through them).



The murders are disturbing enough, but the Enriquez family actions are what really make this an infamous story…what logical reason could someone have for holding onto over 5000 square feet of prime real estate in Los Angeles, and leaving the scene of a horrific crime completely untouched?


The story is that the Enriquez family used the place for storage.  That’s a pretty expensive and fancy storage facility, but not very organized.  I’m really curious to know if this is their vintage fat burning/shaker machine:


Back to our amateur investigation…this was the only evidence I could find of any alleged Christmas-tree-and-unwrapped-presents situation, but it was enough to make this ghastly story a little too real for me:


Most of these murder/haunting stories are pretty exaggerated, but this is an interesting case in that almost everything out there about it is consistent.

It’s rumored that Rudy Enriquez has been approached by potential buyers over the years but has refused to sell, although these real estate agents appear to have held out hope as late as 2002:


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